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Ocean Shores Vacant Land for Sale

Lots in Ocean Shores can have two different fees or expenses associated with them, even before the property is developed in any way.

The first group is the "LIDs" (LID stands for "Local Improvement District")

About 10 years ago, Ocean Shores began two major projects -- to dramatically improve the roads and the water/sewer system.  As a result, every lot in Ocean Shores (with or without a house) was hit with a pretty significant assessment.  Each lot was assessed 2 separate charges of anywhere from $3,000-5,000.  

Owners were given a couple of choices. 

For the sewer assessment, they could opt-in to have the "pit and valve" installed up front.  People with existing homes tended to opt-in for that one.  If someone did not, there will be a roughly $2,700 charge to get that installed prior to getting the services turned on.  

For either assessment, owners could opt to pay in annual installments. So, some places still have an outstanding balance even after all these years.  

It is usually a good idea to require the seller to complete paying off both LIDs (if there is still a balance) during the purchase process or at the close of escrow before the new owner takes possession.  

The second is the Community Club (not EVERY lot but definitely most of them).  Its only $148 per year (yes, you read that right, per YEAR).  For that, you get access to the clubhouse with workout facilities, basketball courts, indoor heated pool and a nice variety of social organized events and games.  There's also several additonal parks with tennis courts, seasonal outdoor pools and playgrounds for kids. 

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